Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Especially when you’re knee-deep in recruitment, every second counts. That’s where TalentV comes in.

For companies running their recruitment on Salesforce, TalentV enhances any existing ATS you might be using. Here I’ll outline the three biggest benefits to a recruitment team in adding TalentV to their tech stack:

  1. Team productivity and efficiency
  2. Coaching and professional growth
  3. Operational efficiency
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Productivity and efficiency

Instead of slogging through notes and trying to remember every detail from interviews and calls, TalentV does the heavy lifting for you.

Imagine this: one-way video interviews, live multi-way interviews, client calls – all seamlessly integrated into Salesforce. With automatic transcripts, summaries, suggested next steps, and follow-up emails, TalentV streamlines the recruitment process, saving time on every interaction.

No more scrambling to update Salesforce between meetings. No more worrying about missing a crucial detail. TalentV ensures everything is captured and stored right where you need it.

Plus, with features like the Vinton notetaker on conference calls, even a few minutes saved here and there can add up to big time savings. We're talking up to a 12X ROI just from reclaiming your time!

TalentV is boosting productivity and efficiency for recruitment teams operating within Salesforce. 💪

Coaching and team growth

Of course coaching plays a vital role in any job role and it’s no different for recruiters. Coaching helps to improve skills like communication and negotiation, enables recruiters to be better equipped to identify top talent.

So, how does TalentV help with coaching and growth?

  1. Both Recruiters and Managers have access to call performance indicators such as time spent speaking and longest monologue, topics discussed and questions asked, and summarized call outline. Furthermore, they can listen to specific moments of the recording, identifying areas of improvement.
  2. Stakeholders can quickly understand why certain candidates were chosen or rejected. The whole process moves along faster and with all the right data captured in TalentV to help understand the #candidate selection process better and ultimately improve on it.
  3. Candidates can be given better feedback, and more quickly. It’s not just coaching recruiters that TalentV can help with. Recruiters can share interview recordings back to interviewees so they can learn where to perform better.

What we're really excited about is what’s coming soon to TalentV. Dive deeper into the recording data, visualised in a simple way. See things like topics discussed, who talked the most or least. Discover if the recruiter is speaking more than the candidate. Did the candidate mention key points that are relevant to the job? Did the client discuss salary? Not only that, but TalentV will score interviews and meetings, offering detailed suggestions on key areas for improvement. Incredible stuff!

Operational excellence

What do we mean by operational excellence? Well, it’s a two-fold answer.

Firstly - TalentV collects rich data from your interviews and calls, transcibes them, summarises them, suggests next steps and a follow-up email, and runs an in-depth call analysis, all in your Salesforce.

All this data enrichment activity, and the fact that it is automated, adds a ton of info and context in your CRM. We all know that AI can only operate effectively when it has good quality frequent and recent data. Businesses using TalentV are laying a solid foundation as they build their AI-readiness strategy

Secondly - TalentV provides visibility into operating profit. Each interview, call or meeting is captured, each touch point analysed and added to the relevant Salesforce records. As a result leaders get a clear picture of the time spent, a good proxy for their operating costs, for each e.g. candidate placed, for each Client or department/division...

Get in touch if you’re a recruitment organization operating via the Salesforce platform. We’ll demonstrate the difference TalentV will make to your team and your business.

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