One of our top products, Talentvideo, has evolved to Why the change? Well, Talentvideo has become more than just video. helps recruitment teams achieve smarter, more efficient and predictable growth within their existing Salesforce-native ATS by adding a video+AI layer for client calls and candidate interviews. brings to Salesforce both asynchronous one-way recorded interviews AND live multi-way interviews (via Teams/Meet/Zoom), with automated transcripts, meeting and interview notes, summaries, next steps, emails – so recruitment teams can select the best candidates faster.

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As one of Nativevideo's most popular products, improves the recruitment process in three key ways:

1. Improved client engagement and experience

Calls with clients or hiring managers are automatically transcribed with added AI-generated summaries so everyone’s aligned, accountable and can save huge amounts of time on admin.

2. Engaged candidates

One-way recorded interviews done in a candidate's own time, with practice options to deliver best efforts. And live interviews with AI-powered summary and highlights for interviewers, so next step decisions can be taken faster.

3. Boosts recruitment operations and team intelligence

With call analysis and playback, managers can coach recruiters on interview techniques or interactions with client hiring managers. Everyone's accountable, leading to better service and revenue outcomes.

We already have some joint video+AI customers with Bullhorn, Seven20, TargetRecruit, CTC People and many other Salesforce-built customisations for recruitment.

The future of recruiting

The lack of skilled talent and economic uncertainty are putting pressure on the Recruitment industry in 2024. Recruitment agencies are looking to innovate and transform to deliver efficiencies, speed up the recruitment process, and secure the best-skilled candidates for roles.

According to the LinkedIn 2024 Future of Recruiting report, 91% of recruiting pros say they’re focused on being agile to adapt to hiring needs, whilst 54% cite the Quality of hire as their number one priority. And of course, Gen AI is seen as the biggest trend to influence talent acquisition in the coming year, with much of its focus on automating or removing tasks and improving productivity. And that's precisely where has the most impact.

Data from a LinkedIn Recruitment report that indicates that recruiters are using GenAI tools to become more efficient and save time

Many recruitment specialists rely on Salesforce technology to manage their talent acquisition operations, with solutions ready to handle recruitment processes from candidate search to interviews to onboarding. solution plays a crucial role in bringing productivity, speed, and efficiency to recruitment in Salesforce, with its smart video+AI technology.

Recruitment Agency Expo 2024

Our partnership with TargetRecruit

On the first day of the Recruitment Agency Expo, we announced our formal partnership with TargetRecruit. Another Salesforce partner, TargetRecruit provides enterprise software to recruiting companies, and with our partnership, we’re bringing TalentV's video+AI functionality to TargetRecruit customers.

At the Recruitment Agency Expo, we saw more closely what’s happening in the industry, exchanging ideas for enhancing our solution so that it's even better at resolving today’s recruitment challenges. According to a recent article by Morgan McKinley:

  • 34% of candidates said too many interview rounds, lengthy processes, and slow decision-making, caused them to walk away from potential opportunities
  • For many industries, skill shortages are inhibiting growth
  • Only 7% of employers globally claim to be using AI in their recruitment processes

It was great to see many fellow Salesforce ecosystem solutions at the event. TalentV inspired quite a few “Aha!” moments for all the recruitment teams looking to boost their performance with straightforward and pragmatic use of AI and data at scale. ROI analysis

With clients, we’ve been exploring the ROI of solutions like Our Clients see ROI in 3 key areas:

1. Efficiency

TalentV repays itself 4x to 12x times over just with the efficiency gains

ROI calculation for using as a recruiter in terms of time savings per month. Shows up to a 12X ROI

2. Team Performance

An increase of +32% in the performance of the team thanks to the productivity boost driven by the fact-based coaching and management enabled by call recordings review and AI analysis.

3. Revenue Growth

An additional +10% Revenue increase driven by the improvement in data quality, quantity and recency in your Candidate database and Client updates.

From our conversations this week, it’s clear that 2024 will be an exciting, transformative year for the Recruitment industry. We’re excited to be a part of it.

Get in touch if you want to learn more or see a demo of , or get it from the AppExchange.

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