Last week Nativevideo attended the London Build Expo in London, which was a 2-day Construction and Sustainability event.

We had a great opportunity to connect with other industry professionals and learn what they need through the Salesforce Networking Lunch that happened on day two. We chatted to Construction professionals conscious about maintaining sustainability.

Screenshot of a service video recording being made

Some incredible people that we had valuable conversations with were **Salesforce ** representatives Robert Alsos, Maurice Higgins and Stuart Price, and Sam Wilson from Bruntwood.

Sam Wilson and Stuart Price hosted a great discussion around how Bruntwood is leading the way in building vibrant communities by delivering innovative and creative office, co-working, retail and lab spaces with the support of Salesforce and its most innovative functionalities. As a company, Bruntwood focuses on employee wellbeing and the client experience. We were inspired by how their company values, positive employee experience, and sustainability initiative all play key roles in appeasing clients and scaling businesses.

A key theme that was omnipresent across the Expo was the idea of the Golden Thread in Construction. The Golden Thread has become mandatory practice in Construction and this idea requires companies to keep full records of all progress and actions taken during Construction projects. Salesforce is also part of the Golden Thread initiative since the CRM digitally transforms and provides Construction operations with the necessary internal and external transparency, where all parties have access to relevant Cases, Reports and other Objects via the centralised hub of Salesforce.

Nativevideo also concurs with this message of visibility and communication among all the different players in Construction projects. We provide video technology that is native to Salesforce, with the main aim of providing transparency, project visibility and efficiency, plus allow companies to be more sustainable with video evidence and documentation of project operations. There is no evidence stronger than video evidence! Nativevideo’s video technology is offline, mobile and desktop ready. Workers and Site Managers can record on-site videos as documentation, evidence, notes and records for the purpose of showing and logging progress of Construction projects. Check out our demo for Guided Procedures for Construction projects (to the right) as well.

Thanks London Build Expo for a brilliant Expo, we sure learnt a lot and look forward to the next one!

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