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Please note: Alfred is now called Vinton but this blog was published prior to the name change.

"AI needs data more than data needs AI."

So says a recent article in Forbes. We're all very clear that AI has the potential to accelerate your business and transform your operations, but as the article highlights, “...organizations should not blindly chase the AI hype at the cost of ignoring the importance of data management and data quality.”

AI systems learn and make decisions by analysing data, copious amounts of data. An AI is trained on data collected, which is why when AI is used in a CRM system for predicting deal outcomes or upsell opportunities or customers that are at risk of not renewing, the data it's using for this is the data that exists in that singular CRM system. And if the data isn't well managed, frequent and of high quality, well, that analysis is not going to be making the right recommendations for your business.

Data quality has ever been a challenge for businesses, long before AI offerings came along. But it's even more important now to review your data strategy. Companies who are ahead in terms of data management and quality, can gain the advantage when it comes to use of AI, leaving competitors far behind.

Start with back-office modernization

The Forbes article talks of the importance of back-office modernization. I can't imagine anyone would consider that as exciting a topic as AI. Back-office modernization is certainly not the cool new shiny thing. But, "If we do not reexamine our back-office data management systems and bring trust and transparency to the entire data life cycle, we will keep chasing the dream of transformation using AI, and it won't materialize." Whether we like it or not, back office modernization to ensure better data management and quality is the only foundation for AI to truly transform a business.

What's particularly exciting for us is that AI has a useful role in data collection and management. Data capture is a central pillar of why Alfred (now known as Vinton) exists. We know that teams find it difficult to capture quality data in a timely manner. When time is not on their side, adding updates to Salesforce can be a forgotten task or is left too late. Enabling the recording, transcription and summarisation of customer calls and audio notes not only helps with enriching your data, but also saves Sales teams precious time too.

With Alfred, rich information is captured in Salesforce and when Einstein GPT is deployed, there will be a depth and breadth of your data that can train the AI, leading to better decisions and predictions for your own business.

Don't just take our word for it

We've had some great feedback from Salesforce ecosystem partners about Alfred. “Alfred brings loads of useful data into Salesforce effortlessly.” What more could you ask for to start enhancing the data in your Org?

Screenshot of a LinkedIn post which talks about transforming your Salesforce experience with Alfred AI
Screenshot of a LinkedIn comment about our software. "I love it! I'm able to easily capture details from my calls..."

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