TrailblazerDX is the Salesforce Developer focused conference held in San Francisco at the Salesforce Campground. It’s the place where Developers, as well as Administrators, Architects, ISV leaders and Trailblazers gather to network, learn and share insights on product developments, innovations and learn the latest technologies directly from Salesforce. As you might have heard, TrailblazerDX 23 released some big news for the future of Salesforce and User experience. The mighty Einstein GPT.

How do we know this?

Photograph of Trailblazer DX signage

Not only was it broadcast in the Key Note on Tuesday 7th March, but because our Co-Founders, Luca Benini and Nick Tassini, were there to hear and engage in the moment. They weren’t just there for the Keynote, Luca and Nick were there for the whole week of TrailblazerDX, networking with Salesforce employees, developers, admins and fellow ISVs CEOs.

If you want to get the full TrailblazerDX keynotes experience, check out Salesforce+ to see announcements, product demos, Einstein GPT, Data Cloud and other news and highlights from the conference.

What are our key takeaways from TrailblazerDX?

  • Doing more with less is key, and how to enable this for Salesforce Customers and Users seems to be through AI.
  • AI (or specifically EinsteinGPT) is Salesforce’s latest craze and the first demo looks super cool!
  • Data Cloud beta released! Sanjna Parulekar, Senior Director of Product Marketing said during a Press Interview that “Data Cloud is the fuel behind AI, and the engine is Einstein, so with our next generation AI, we’re able to deliver results that were never imagined possible across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT”.
  • TrailblazerDX has provided inspiration to Nativevideo, with all its sessions, networking conversations, and 1-2-1's with top Salesforce leadership, on how we can take our solutions to the next level! We are feeling energised to give our customers more ways to transform how people create, use and share data and information on Salesforce with audio and video.
  • Fall Out Boy performance! It was an incredible way to finish Day 1 of the event, alongside fellow TDX participants unwinding and dancing to their amazing tunes.
  • Day 2 went by quickly with great tech sessions and with the highlights of the day being both the deep dive into Einstein GPT and Data Cloud. Both keynote sessions were oversubscribed and full of interesting innovation!

A big “thank you” goes out to Salesforce for organising another brilliant and informative event! It was great to be there in-person with everyone and we look forward to the next one!

What does attending TrailblazerDX mean to Nativevideo?

We are passionate about connecting with Salesforce customers, partners and employees in-person, so making the effort to travel to San Francisco to be at Salesforce events to shake hands and connect face to face with Salesforce is important to us. Being there in-person for such an event was great, as it gave Nativevideo the chance to see and meet Trailblazers, MVPs and Salesforce innovations first-hand.

In addition, attending provided us with the opportunity to demo our latest innovations Alfred and Antenna to Salesforce developers and Salesforce Partner Leaders. Alfred, as you may know, is our GPT-integrated, voice based Personal Assistant which automates Salesforce tasks, updates, reminders and notes from customer conversations and interactions to allow Salesforce Users to work with complete quality customer data (by the way, it is Einstein GPT ready). Antenna is our AI-driven and audio and video-based Market Research solution, giving Market Researchers and Consumer Goods Leaders the opportunity to gather detailed consumer insights, via vocal responses and cognitive data. Antenna is Salesforce powered, which enables Market Researchers to centralise their campaigns and data, plus, use the power and scale of Salesforce to deliver on their Consumer Research needs as business and product developments grow and evolve.

Salesforce, Nativevideo and AI?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Salesforce has partnered with OpenAI, to create its “first generative AI for CRM”.

However, Nativevideo beat Salesforce at integrating AI into our Salesforce Native solutions as we accomplished this in November 2022! We are talking about Alfred here. Alfred transforms Salesforce Users productivity, Customer Insights, User data quality and Employee and customer engagement! Nativevideo is here with AI already integrated into Salesforce as well as our own video and audio technology (Nativevideo Platform). From our talks and demonstrations with Salesforce and Salesforce Users, we can report that both Antenna and Alfred received rave reviews as both had that wow-factor and innovative approach they wanted and needed!

Nativevideo are proud to say we are GPT integrated and Einstein GPT ready!

Did you attend TrailblazerDX?

What do you think of Einstein GPT?

Engage with us on our LinkedIn Page, we’d love to get your thoughts on AI and TrailblazerDX.

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