Please note: Alfred is now called Vinton but this blog was published prior to the name change.

Last week the team travelled to San Francisco for Dreamforce 2023, an unforgettable three-day event. We went with several aims: to showcase Alfred (now known as Vinton) to as many people as possible, catch up with other Salesforce partners, and of course to see what Salesforce was bringing to the ecosystem.

As Dreamforce 2023 unfolded, the energy was incredible. It was described by Salesforce as the AI event of the year. With over 70 AI researchers, innovators, ethics experts and thought leaders speaking at the event they certainly meant it!

Illustration of a video meeting captured against an opportunity record in Salesforce, along with a "as seen at Dreamforce" badge

LSam Altman, CEO, OpenAI, Dr. Alondra Nelson, Harold F. Linder Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Ayanna Howard, Ph.D., Accomplished Roboticist, Entrepreneur & Educator, Rob Reich, Professor, Stanford University; Associate Director of Stanford’s Institute for Human Centered AI to name just a few.

AI truly dominated the main stage and all of the conversations. Salesforce introduced a number of their new AI-driven features with slick demos that impressed everyone.

What was emphasized a great deal in relation to Einstein was “Trust”. Benioff was clear that for Salesforce, your data is your data, it isn’t their product, unlike some of the large social media platforms when your data is their data and they're monetizing you!

A rather impressive piece of research was referred to at the conference. A new IDC study found that the Salesforce Economy, powered by AI, will create a net gain of 11.6M Jobs and $2.02T in business revenues between 2022 and 2028. The study also assessed the factors driving adoption of AI, the primary one being improving productivity, and of course that’s something we see very strongly with Alfred.

A few members of our team didn’t travel to San Francisco but were still fully able to immerse themselves in the event. Salesforce live streamed much of the content, and presentations were available on demand very quickly afterwards. You can sign up to watch the presentations from the event on the Dreamforce website.

As always, Dreamforce included some fantastic customer stories. Lamborghini and Salesforce announced their partnership to streamline multiple apps and disparate data on the Salesforce tech stack. Williams Sonoma is working with Salesforce to get a 360° view of their customer.

This year, Salesforce outdid itself when it came to entertainment. The Foo Fighters concert was incredible. Dave Grohl is an outstanding front man, engaged with the crowd and at the end of the concert even invited a fan on to the stage to play guitar! They did a number of covers as well as their own material. We were in awe of the energy!

But that’s not all. There were plenty of parties and after parties for all audiences. Salesforce Ben gathered them all together in this blog. We enjoyed Gearset’s breakfast event which was a great networking opportunity and also great to learn about their rapid growth.

As for the home of Dreamforce, San Francisco looked a lot better in September than it did in March when we visited for TDX, but it was still only a shadow of what it used to be pre-pandemic. In fact, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, was a speaker at the event and he touched on some of the social issues affecting the city. Whilst it felt relatively safe to be there during Dreamforce, there’s clearly a long way to go to return to the vibrant city it once was.

And finally there’s Alfred. Launched with a bang, great feedback from those we talked to with immediate uptake from many of them. We gained some great ideas from clients and early adopters about the direction to take Alfred. We were thrilled that Dreamforce marked a significant milestone in Alfred’s journey, launching the new video meeting features. Alfred has been likened to Gong, Otter, and Fireflies, but with a Salesforce advantage. Alfred is the only meeting assistant that’s native in Salesforce, so all of the recordings and transcriptions are stored exactly against the related Contact or Opportunity data - and playable within Salesforce too.

So, what do we take away from Dreamforce 2023? The AI revolution is truly underway. Trust and ethics have to play a major part. Salesforce has trust at the heart of its AI strategy. We’re proud to be pioneering effective use of AI for ultra efficiency and productivity as part of the Salesforce partner ecosystem. Is it time for you to give AI a try in your business?

Learn how Alfred charmed the audience at Salesforce. Take a look at the product or get it for free from the AppExchange.

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