Video technologies and solutions are being increasingly recognised as relevant in the recruitment industry and beyond, as well as being used frequently across enterprise processes.

It’s not just Nativevideo who see the effectiveness of videos

In a recent BBC article, Joanna York explains how the use of video is growing fast and becoming the norm in the interviewing/application stage for recruiters.

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York noticed that since COVID 19, over 65% of companies worldwide have hired new staff without meeting them face-to-face (yes, some of this would be down to COVID itself, but not all). However, it is not just the processing of candidates which is being revolutionised with video, candidates are doing something similar on their own. Some are adopting to submit video CVs to employers! York reported that there’s been incredible growth on both sides of the interviewing table in using video.

Companies and candidates are adopting this medium to make life easier and speed up employers’ decision-making process. Video interviews and CVs enable companies and recruiters to:

  • conduct relaxed video interviews, since the candidates are in a comfortable and familiar environment, so they are likely perform better
  • have a quick and effective way to evaluate personality and preparedness within a short time (the length of a recorded video interview, we recommend typically within 3 to 5 min, or a video CV)
  • keep up with people’s preferences of video content. Videos are easy to record and even easier to digest, interact with and learn from

This concept isn’t just recognized by the BBC, LinkedIn has also noticed this. Tomer Cohen claims that 79% of hiring managers in the US alone believe that videos have become “more important” than ever before in vetting candidates. Additionally, when it comes to job seekers, LinkedIn explains that over 60% of job seekers believe that a “a recorded video could be the next iteration of the traditional cover letter”.

Some people are creating these videos to add to their LinkedIn profiles now!

Where does Nativevideo fit in?

If you are using a Salesforce-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or are a recruiter or recruitment company who uses Salesforce, we might just have the solution for you! Check out Talentvideo, it is an integrated, out of the box solution that brings video interviews directly into your ATS which can be customized and embedded into your process. All this whilst being a super secure, flexible and scalable solution. Discover more about Talentvideo on the AppExchange.

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