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In this video we’ll show you how to configure Vinton so that it works in the Salesforce connector for either Gmail or Outlook.

In this example we’re using Gmail as the mail client.

Go to setup, the quick find box and search for Gmail.

Assuming you’ve already turned it on, you’ll then need to edit the Email Application Panes section.

Here, click the drop down and select Edit and a new tab will open.

Salesforce will allow you to use the lightning app builder to configure what you see in the Salesforce integration component that shows in your calendar or mail application.

What you simply have to do is drag and drop the Vinton player and the Vinton Recorder.

The recorder is here. And the player has been dropped here.

Once you’ve saved that, you’ll be able to use Vinton in your email and calendar applications.

A couple of further notes. If you open an email

Vinton will show the notes related to the sender of that email.

Likewise on the calendar, the Vinton notes that you record are referred to the first person invited to the meeting that you have currently selected.

Now that we know how we can add Vinton into the Salesforce email integration, let’s take a look at how that works in practice.

Here’s a gmail account with a single email open.

This email account is Luca’s and he’s received an email from Catherine.

If we go here to the Salesforce pane, we have the Vinton notetaker and recorder.

Here are Luca’s previous interactions with Catherine that were captured by Vinton.

Now we can easily add a new audio note clicking on “Hey Vinton”. Straightaway Luca can record his update:

“this actually launches the recording, and this is my update. I just connected with Catherine. Uh, we got the green light from the CFO. And we are proceeding with the project, I as the next step, I’ve agreed to update the existing, uh uh, agreement and, uh, send a new version with the updated quote and also set up a meeting for next week to close the loop on the project and get two signatures.”

So this will have recorded a note very easily from within gmail and assigned it to the SENDER of the email that was open next to the pane. The sender in this case being Catherine. This makes it super convenient, removing any excuse from keeping Salesforce up to date.

Let’s see how that looks in Salesforce.

We refresh Catherine’s record and we can see the note is processing.

Give it a moment or two and refresh again.

And there we go.

The note has been fully transcribed. A nice summary has been created mentioning we have CFO approval to proceed.

Vinton has also drafted an email so that we can quickly and easily follow up.

We can copy this and paste it into a new email.

Vinton’s also generated next steps so we can stay on top of our updates in Salesforce.

This is a really quick and easy example of connecting Gmail and Vinton.

This works in the exact same way with the Outlook Salesforce add-in too.

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