Please note: Vinton was previously known as Alfred.

Video transcript

To have Vinton join your meeting and take notes, you need to invite Vinton as a meeting attendee.

In this example, we’ll be using the Nativevideo Vinton email address, but your company will have its own dedicated Vinton email that you should use.

You simply start a new meeting or edit an existing meeting.

And add Vinton as a new attendee.

When you join the meeting, Vinton will also ask to join.

Vinton will ask to join your meeting at approximately 2 minutes before its start time.

You admit Vinton to the meeting. Shortly after admitting Vinton, you’ll see a message pop up in the chat.

This will give you all the details of what Vinton will do during the call, such as record, transcribe, summarise and a link to find out more details about Vinton.

Once you’ve completed your meeting, Vinton will handle all the admin.

Here’s an example meeting that’s already been processed.

We can playback the meeting.

We can look at the transcript, the next steps, a suggested email and a summary.

It will also show you any related records to do with this call, like a contact, an opportunity, or a lead.

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