Please note: Alfred is now known as Vinton, but this video was recorded prior to the name change.

Video transcript

OK, now that we’ve installed Alfred in our org and we’ve activated “Hey Alfred” voice updates for Salesforce, we can ask Alfred to join meetings and this is the configuration that we need to follow.

We go to our app launcher, we look for Nativevideo. We open up the admin console, we go to Alfred on the left column and we select calls.

You have first created a new email you will go here and you will type in Alfred Notetaker as a name and surname of your bot for when Alfred joins the calls and then Alfred@[]. And then as you click update it will ask you if you are connecting via Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. You will select your provider where you created the Alfred at your company email and then it will ask to select select an account from there.

If you’re testing this in your sandbox then there’s an alternative for a quick test that you can use, you will still call it Alfred Notetaker but when you enter your email, you can enter your own email, in my case That will enable me to connect my own email following all the steps and enable me to really give it a test.

So how can we quickly test that this sandbox implementation actually works? We can go to our calendar, create a new meeting and invite a colleague to join and we will be in the call and obviously Meet or Zoom or Teams needs to be activated for this invite. Of course we send the invite when we join the meeting. We will see Alfred also joining and requested to be admitted into the meeting so he can start recording transcribing.

Right. Everything that was said in the meeting is here. Alfred, please join.

And this is how you set up Alfred so he can also join video calls and take notes on our behalf. And lastly, very importantly, once you are in production, you’ve done your sandbox testing, remember to replace your own email with the Alfred email at your company domain that you created to enable Alfred to join meetings for you and all your colleagues.

So how do we go about doing that? We create a new meeting, we invite all the attendees, and we also remember to invite Alfred@[] that will be enabling Alfred to join the call automatically sit in the background record, transcribe, summarise, create notes directly in your Salesforce.

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