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In this video, we’re going to look at how to set up recording hints for our audio notes using Vinton.

Recording hints provide a list of suggested topics for users to follow when adding their recording. Here we’re looking at a contact called Luke Littlegoods. Luke is the account type “customer”.

When we click on Hey Vinton to record an audio note, we can see a list of suggested topics. Participants, key topics, decisions and next steps.

Let’s see how to set up a list of audio note hints.

First we go to the app launcher and search for Nativevideo admin.

Once there, from the left menu, we choose Vinton.

The first tab is recording hints.

We can see a list of three recording hints already set up in this org.

The first one is Bant, the second relates to sales meetings and the third to candidates.

Let’s look at how these work when you set them up.

Each recording hint has a title. That title will appear above the list of hints, giving an indication of what you expect the user to do. Each recording hint has a code name. We use this code name to tell Salesforce which list of recording hints we want to show for which type of contact or account.

Next, there’s a status active or inactive. And finally on the right hand side you can add your recording hint details. So we have budget, authority, need and time following the Bant criteria. It’s easy to add additional hints.

In this example, we want to tell Salesforce which recording hints to show for different types of contacts. We go back to the contact page and we edit the page.

We can see we already have a Vinton recorder on the page. We can see the hint code name here is salesmeetingnotes and the component visibility is where the account type is equal to customer.

This means that this Vinton recorder will only show for contacts that have an account type equal to customer, but we want the Bant hints to show when the contact record is a prospect.

To do this, we search for the Vinton recorder component and drag and drop it to the page.

We then add our hint code name. This is going to be Bant because we want this to be for prospects.

We then set the component visibility to only show this recorder when the account type is equal to prospect.

Let’s go and look at a prospect record. Here’s Carole White. When we click on Hey Vinton, we see the list of Bant hints for us to follow.

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