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Let’s take a look at an exciting feature in Alfred called recording hints. When we’re in an object with the Alfred component and we click on “Hey Alfred”, if we have activated recording hints for our users, we will be presented with a short list of hints that we’re invited to follow when leaving our audio update.

In this demo we’re looking at a prospect called Carol White. Carol is within an account type of prospect, so our recording hints are related to BANT, a common list of items for sales teams to follow when talking to prospects.

Let’s take a look at how we create recording hints and how we make sure that the right recording hints are shown in front of the right users, contacts, accounts and processes. Firstly we need to head to the Nativevideo admin area. You can type Nativevideo admin in the app launcher (nine dots) to find it easily.

From the left column, let’s select Alfred. In this demo you can see we already have three recording hints. One is about a candidate debrief. One is about the meeting debrief and one is the one we were just looking at, BANT. If we open this one up, you’ll see that we have a title, and that’s actually the phrase that will appear right after the wave illustration, which indicates that we should follow the hints below, and then the hints are listed here. We can save it and this will be added to the list.

We need to give a code name to our recording hint. In this case, it’s very straightforward. Our code name is BANT. There are two other code names here, “meeting debrief” and “candidate debrief”. So how do we decide which recording hints should be displayed on the page? Let’s enter the edit page mode and see how we use visibility for our Alfred Recorder to make sure that the right hints are shown when, in this particular example, the account type is matched. We actually have two Alfred Recorders on this page.

For the meeting debrief hint, we wanted to show this component when the account type is not equal to prospect so that this could be a customer or partner account type. One has the hint code name of BANT and the filter for this component visibility looks at the “account type” which needs to equal prospect. Carol White is a prospect in our org. That’s why we saw the BANT hints. This is an example of how different recording hints can be deployed for specific processes using photos on component visibility for the page.

Now let’s see how we create a brand new recording hint. Give your recording hint a title or introduction and then a code name. Now we add the list of comments or questions that we want to show. We’d suggest between 3 and 6 just to keep it under control and to a succinct recording.

So let’s ask for who was in the meeting. Maybe topics discussed. And we could add more hints. We can also reorder them if we want by clicking on the little edit and dragging them to a new position. Once you’ve saved your hints, just remember the code name as that’s what you need to drop into the page when you add a new recorder.

We can go all the way back here and choose our Alfred Recorder and add a third one. For instance, it might have a different component visibility with different filters, maybe using a new hint code name so that you know this particular set of instructions will be shown to our users.

Please note if there are no recording hints put in place when you click “Hey Alfred”, the recorder will start recording straight away since there are no hints to follow.
Do let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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