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In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up the sharing functionality which comes with Vinton.

Say you’ve just recorded a call with one of your prospects or customers, and you want to share the call with them. Once the call has been processed you can click these three dots here and click share and it will copy a link to a publicly available page.

Paste that into a new tab and you’ll see what your recipients will see when you send them the link.

They’ll be able to play back the call, look at the exec summary, next steps and transcript.

Only those with access to the record where the call has been stored can share the recording, so it’s limited to the data security model used for your Org.

Let’s see how we can set this up in Salesforce. Go to Setup, Quick find and search for sites.

If it’s the first site that you’ve created, you have to accept and register the Salesforce domain. This comes free of charge. There are no licence implications for that.

Once that’s done, you click on the new button and we’ll call this Nativevideo Public Site.

The default web address needs to be Nativevideo. You need to activate that. And then for the active site home page, you can select “video web hook”.

Now click save.

Now that we’ve saved, we can click on public access settings. View users and click on the site guest user.

Scroll down and click on edit assignments on the permission sets on the left hand list. Click inside the box and Type N to search for the Nativevideo options. Choose Nativevideo Public Site User Permissions and add this permission set.

You’ll also need to Scroll down and assign licences.

You need to select both Vinton and Nativevideo then click on add.

Navigate back to the sites.

We’ll click on the site URL we need to copy the URL of the site and then navigate to the Nativevideo Admin panel.

From here you can click on Salesforce and paste the URL of the site in the public site URL box.

The next thing we go to set up and create a sharing rule. Go to Setup and Sharing Settings. Look for video junction sharing rules and click New.

We can call it “share with Vinton”.

We select guest user access as the rule type.

We search for the field “e-mail object API name” and choose not equal to null.

Make sure you’re sharing with the site guest user you created and then click save.

And now Salesforce will open up the visibility of the relevant Vinton record that you’ve shared with your recipients.

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