Video transcript

This is a quick demo of our call sharing functionality.

This functionality allows the sharing of Vinton notes and calls with external contacts.

For example you might want to share a call with clients or other stakeholders who don’t have access to the recordings from within your Salesforce Org.

Here we are in Salesforce and we’re looking at a call that was recorded by Vinton and brought into Salesforce.

Here’s the usual summary, follow up next steps and transcript.

From the three dots here I can see the Share option.

When I click Share, I’m informed that the link has been copied.

In a new tab we paste the link and we’re taken to a sharing page which looks like a diary entry with a full recording of the call, a summary, the next steps and transcript.

If I edit any of those items within Salesforce, those edits will reflect on this sharing page too.

The branding at the bottom can be personalised by client by adding their own colours, logo and banner.

The URL can be used to share the call via Whatsapp, Slack, email and any other way you need.

Only those with access to the record where the call has been stored can share the recording, so it’s limited to the data security model used for your Org.

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