Vinton is free for up to five users forever. So it’s easy to get started and try out the full functionality without costing you a penny!

Here’s where to find Vinton on the AppExchange.

We often get asked what differentiates Vinton from other meeting AI and recording tools in the market., like Gong or Fireflies or Otter. Here’s why we’re different:

Vinton is native in Salesforce

Illustration of a video call and captured text as well as a sharing page that looks like a notepad

As a Salesforce AppExchange partner, Nativevideo, the company and platform behind Vinton, builds its solutions natively in Salesforce. The solutions are not integrated with Salesforce, but installed within your Salesforce Org.

For a tool like Vinton, this means that your call recordings, notes, and Vinton-generated summaries, transcripts, next steps and draft emails are all within your Salesforce Org, not outside of it. Vinton automatically adds the details in the right Contact, Opportunity, Account, Lead, Case, or even in your custom objects.

Playback calls within Salesforce

If you want to watch a call recording back, or listen to an audio note, you don't need to open a different app or window. You can do it all within the view in Salesforce. Let's say you're updating details on a Contact record and want to playback the last call with that customer, you can do so right there within that record.

Customised prompts

The prompts that Vinton uses to generate summaries, next steps and emails from calls and audio notes can be customised by each client in the way that they prefer. Out-of-the-box the prompts are focused on considering call or audio recordings as sales updates, but you might focus on using Vinton for service notes or recruitment, so can adjust the prompts as you need.

Share your recordings with external stakeholders

Shareable links can be created that allow you to share call recordings with people outside of your Org. You can not only share call recordings but also the summary, next steps and transcript that were generated from the call too. Want to see how a sharing page looks? Visit this example of a call held between a couple of our team members.

To be clear, only those with access to the record where the call has been stored can share the recording, so it’s aligned to the data security model used for your Org.

Not all client conversations happen on video calls

Although Vinton records and transcribes your video meetings, of course not all client interactions happen on such calls so you need to be able to capture notes from those other interactions too.

Vinton's audio notes functionality lets users talk their updates into Salesforce and capture the full transcript, summary, next steps, and even a follow-up email. All are captured in the related Salesforce record. Now you can even record your audio notes directly from the Gmail or Outlook Salesforce integration. See next in the list. 👇

Vinton in your email client

You can access your Vinton call recordings and record new notes directly from your email client. With the Salesforce integrations in Gmail and Outlook, you can now add Vinton so that it appears in the Salesforce component in your chosen email account.

Animated gif showing how to create an audio note with Nativevideo technology

Changing meeting AI provider

In the instance that someone wants to change their meeting AI provider, it can be very difficult to do if you're using some of the more well known solutions. With Vinton it's rather more straightforward.

We offer the option to backup all videos in your own Azure or AWS instance automatically and with no additional charge. We can also use a customer’s own Azure or AWS for storing and streaming all Vinton videos from the outset so that no transfer is ever needed.

Integrating with other industry solutions

Vinton integrates with all of Nativevideo’s other solutions. Recruiters can take advantage of live multi-way video interviews using Vinton in Talentvideo. Service teams can record audio notes or videos onsite when on callouts using Servicevideo + Vinton.

Free for up to five users forever

Vinton is free for up to five users forever. So it’s easy to get started and try out the full functionality without costing you a penny!

Here’s where to find Vinton on the AppExchange.