Our team has been busily working on some awesome new features for Vinton that will:

  • Increase productivity and make teams more efficient
  • Provide coaching opportunities to help more effectively run meetings
  • Prepare your Org for Einstein 1 by automating data capture from rich content in meetings

Here’s how that’s going to work.

Image promotes our building the foundation for AI LinkedIn live event with pictures of the speakers Luca Benini and David Gill, alongside the Vinton and Data8 logos

Productivity and efficiency

If you're already familiar with Vinton, you'll know that productivity and efficiency is at its heart. Specifically created to save our team time on post-meeting follow-up, the idea for Vinton was always about improving productivity. Vinton records, transcribes and summarises your online meetings - automating meeting notes, generating a follow-up email and next step tasks - all within your Salesforce Org.

Now as part of Vinton is a more in-depth call analysis, more and better language capabilities for transcriptions and the ability to train the AI on custom terminology such as product names or other commonly used phrases.

You'll also receive an email notification after a call or audio note has been processed, which succinctly summarises what's been said, and includes the suggested next steps. All straight to your mailbox, with links back to the related Salesforce records.

In-depth call analysis for team coaching

With the rich data that Vinton captures, it was an obvious step to add in-depth call analysis to provide opportunities for team leaders to coach and grow their team's performance.

We'll now have a Vinton tab that will list all calls and notes that the user has participated in where Vinton attended. Users can filter the list by Calls or Notes, or can easily search by keyword. Managers can review calls, and understand at a glance what key topics were discussed, and who dominated the conversation with key indicators like “time spent speaking” and “longest monologue”, jumping quickly to specific sections of the call based on the topic, meeting minutes, or section of the transcript.

Operational excellence

From a broader business strategy perspective, it's clear to all of us that preparing your Salesforce Org to be ready for Einstein 1 means gathering rich, trusted data. With Vinton, we are helping you to lay the foundation for AI, enriching the data in your Org from meetings and audio notes and placing it against the relevant Contact, Opportunity, Account etc. records.

Vinton adds a ton of info and context in your CRM laying a solid foundation of data for Orgs as they build their AI-readiness strategy.

ICMYI we ran a LinkedIn Live event with Data8 on just this topic. You can watch it on demand.

Interested in learning more about how Vinton can transform the way you capture and use meeting data? Get in touch for a demo.

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