Last week we came across an article about Airchat, an audio-first social network. Airchat had been around for a little while, but it experienced rapid user growth following its new release in mid-April 2024. Invitation-only, 30,000 new users grabbed the chance to download it and experience its alternative approach to social media.

What is Airchat?

Simply put, Airchat marries features of Twitter + Clubhouse in what the article describes as “a daunting combo”. What you see/hear is a feed of voice notes (built-in AI transcribes the notes as well) of people that you follow. So if you’re on the go, with no time to read the usual social feeds, Airchat gives you the latest updates audibly. Its tagline is “Just talk” so if you’re posting to Airchat, it’s all done by voice – no typing allowed!

The voice notes trend

The Wired article focuses a lot on how Airchat might moderate the content on the platform, but what caught our attention was the premise of the voice / audio notes trend that's potentially a huge opportunity for business data and CRM. Why type when you can speak your updates?

Aligned with this trend are other voice-enabled apps - think how many homes now use Alexa or Google Assistant. According to consumer research from Ampere Analysis, 52% of internet householders own a voice assistant device in the UK, or 48% in the US.

Vixen Labs estimates that at least one in three people use voice on their smartphone to discover information. If you are around teenagers a lot, you don't need stats to confirm how recent generations LOVE to speak into their phones rather than typing!

Transcribing meeting conversations or voice notes in apps like our Vinton is becoming ever more prevalent, and once adopted, these apps quickly become strategically important to a business. They become tools that teams can't live without, because it's easy to add updates, teams are more efficient, and data is more accurate and timely - all important for when you decide to start using Einstein 1 AI in your Salesforce Org.

This use of voice for a deskless approach to work looks set to continue its exciting evolution. We'll be closely watching what happens with Airchat.

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