What an insightful and brilliant experience!

The Salesforce: The Heart of Service Summit was hosted by the brilliant and engaging Andy Butterfield.

Afterwards, a presentation by Customer specialist Ed Thompson, charmed and inspired the audience with great insights and statistics from the State of Service 2022 Survey and Gartner. Below are three interesting points we noted:

Screenshot of the Heart of Service experience video
  1. Service has never been more strategic; a shift is happening in Service: From customers only being Case Numbers to customers receiving more personalised and proactive approaches. Customer Service Agents are moving towards being more Trusted Company Advisors. Customer Support as a department was regarded as a cost centre only a few years ago, now since Customer Success is gaining greater importance, Customer Support has more influence and impact over revenue.
  2. 58% of UK Service Organisations are now Revenue Generating (increased from around 10% ten years ago). Customer Service is taking a bigger role in generating revenue, with customers wanting a more human experience with companies and Customer Service agents being the active party in this change.
  3. Major technology-enabled improvements are driving company growth, these are: Personalisation, Connection and Automation. Thompson shared that nearly 60% of Service organisations use automation for repetitive tasks and 45% of Service Organisations use AI (up from ca. 20% just 2 years ago). Most importantly, Thompson highlighted that 77% of Service professionals agree that automating routine tasks allows them to focus on more complex and specialised work in the field.

Next there was a panel discussion with Ed Thompson, Andy Brown from Salesforce, Pam Shields from Averi Weigh-Tronix and Kate Donaghy from Secret Escapes. It was an interesting conversation as Kate and Pamela were from different industries yet, despite this, both needed to streamline their operations and refocused their systems so customer experience (whether that’s in-field technicians or in-office agents responding to incoming customer enquiries), became their focal point.

After the panel talk, Shields and Donaghy each gave in-depth overview presentations of their companies’ digital and customer transformation journeys supported by Salesforce technology (accelerated by the Pandemic). Both presentations showed how their configuration led to increased efficiency, effectiveness and revenue. Another interesting point besides this, was how each company used customer communication channels differently. Secret Escapes are happy for their customers to use multiple communications channels (phone, WhatsApp, contact forms, etc.), while Averi aims to streamline and reduce customer communication channels to only a couple for business efficiency.

The afternoon was a time for interesting and fun roundtable discussions. We were all focused on 2 main questions:

  1. How are Service teams engaging Customers who prefer digital-first interactions?
  2. How is the role of Service changing?

The roundtable was a great opportunity to share insights with top Service industry leaders. The table that Nativevideo sat at was moderated by Dan Ingle of Salesforce, with Jason Larkin from Avery, Berglind Stenning from Stanley Black & Decker, Eoghan O'Connor from Nurture Group, Chris McGinnity and Faiza Iqbal from Thames Water. Our roundtable key points were:

  • The problems of micro vs macro business management and deciding how to best organise technicians and customer service agents for top results and efficiency.
  • Some technicians just want to use their tools, not tech! Not all field technicians want to use technology while on site visits, they wish to get on with their visit then move on to the next case.
  • Both technicians and customers want speed, efficiency, and need to “do more in less time”.

The Summit closed with a quick and intuitive demo from Keseana Robinson and a look into the future of Service Cloud and Service Cloud Genie features, with a roadmap overview given by Andrew Baker (both from Salesforce, of course).

In summary, a mantra that we took away from the event was “Do more with less”, taking the idea that people (customers and technicians) want to get more done, within less time or with less communication or, more importantly, less resources. This was first mentioned in Pamela Shields’ presentation, and was repeated and emphasised in our roundtable session.

Big “thank you” to Salesforce for organising another great Summit! It was great to be there and we look forward to the next one!

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