On the 1st of November, Nativevideo will attend the Salesforce: The Heart of Service Summit in London. At the summit we’ll hear about innovations, ideas and services Salesforce has in store for Service organisations and customers. This will be a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with and chat to more Service and Salesforce enthusiastic individuals, and explore more ways our Service-relevant solution, Servicevideo, can transform customer experiences on the Salesforce platform and in Service Cloud.

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What will Nativevideo be doing on the day?

As this is a customer centric event, Nativevideo will be listening to what the keynote speakers have to say and learn about Salesforce’s latest updates for Service customers and Service Cloud. Outside of seminars and demonstrations, we will reflect on how our Service-specific solution, Servicevideo, aligns with Salesforce’s latest innovations and can add more value to Service customers and Salesforce users’ productivity.

We understand the importance and prevalence of customer centric service and know that collaborating with customers to find a solution that works best for them is key. So, it is great to see Salesforce hosting an (oversubscribed and sold out) event that is aimed at Service customers. This is a testament to the importance of keeping customers informed, maintaining open communications with them and putting customers at the heart of the Service experience. If you are interested to learn about how Nativevideo keeps customers at the heart of what we do, check out our Customer Success stories.

What is the Salesforce: The Heart of Service Summit?

The Heart of Service Summit is an exclusive in-person event and experience in London, aimed at bringing together Service customers and Salesforce users to discover more about Salesforce’s latest innovations for the Service sector, including seven notable keynote speakers to inspire and inform. Some of the speakers including Andrew Baker, Kate Donaghy, and Andy Butterfield, so it will be an incredibly interesting and innovative day.

The summit will delve into various areas of Service, as well as walk us through Salesforce’s own Service-relevant solution, Service Cloud Genie, mentioned at the Dreamforce event earlier this year. Beside exploring what Salesforce is doing for Service industries and customers, the event is very much customer value, support and experience orientated. Customer experience is something which Nativevideo understands well. Adding video to Salesforce can help differentiate businesses on the market by providing them with a great, transparent user and customer experience via video. Video technology gives organisations the exceptional clarity and communication customers deserve which helps maintain customer loyalty and bridge the Customer-Company Trust Gap.

Some discussion points which we are looking forward to hearing more about are Salesforce’s ideas on how to increase Service efficiency and scalability, and experience samples of Salesforce’s latest innovations for Service customers. With the incredible opportunity to hear what innovations Salesforce are doing for Service customers, it was a no-brainer to register!

Check out the overview of the Salesforce: The Heart of Service Summit and its speakers. If you can’t attend the event, don’t forget to check Salesforce’s YouTube channel or see if you can catch up on the highlights via Salesforce+.

Are you going?

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