Please note: Alfred is now called Vinton but this blog was published prior to the name change.

It’s been a busy couple of months for Alfred (now known as Vinton) since officially launching during Dreamforce 2023.

Let’s recap what’s been going on in Alfred’s world.

Dreamforce 2023

Just in time for Dreamforce we launched this site as a home for Alfred and created a dedicated LinkedIn page too.

We spent an amazing few days in San Francisco catching up with new and old contacts in the Salesforce ecosystem. Check out Luca’s video highlights!

Photo collage of SF Ben logo, screenshot of a community call, screenshot of a Google Meet, Dreamforce photo and some demo jam awards

AI was everywhere, which was to be expected given Salesforce labelling it the AI event of the Year. Catch up on all of the great presentations - including a section on the future of AI – all available for free from Salesforce.

We were also delighted to be mentioned in one of the Salesforce social posts about awe-inspiring AI in action!

Who knew notetaking would be so interesting?

Last month our COO Luca posted on LinkedIn about being an avid notetaker, contemplating whether it was a generational thing – actively taking notes at school, uni – no phones or laptops then! But now our kids’ textbooks are online, they’re often submitting their work online and it’s almost certain that for this new generation entering the workforce, handwritten notes will be an ancient thing of the past!

Luca’s post was one of his most popular posts from the last few months. We heard from Alfred users expressing how much they love the tool, and we heard from others in the LinkedIn community intrigued to find out how it might work for them.

The initial reason we created Alfred was because Luca wanted to be able to leave audio notes after a meeting against the related records in Salesforce, reading from handwritten scribbles taken during the call. It proved a lot quicker than typing everything up. And then it evolved into so much more… Why not just stop writing notes during meetings altogether and have Alfred take the notes for you? 🙌

Of course it not only saves you time, but also means detailed information is readily available in Salesforce for the rest of the team too. We’re all guilty of forgetting to add updates, but with a tool like Alfred that all changes. It’s so much easier and quicker and the end result is richer, more frequent and recent data.

Participating in community events

Non-profit community group

Towards the end of September we took part in the Non-Profit Salesforce Community Group, held virtually this time. We covered a couple of key areas:

  1. Helping to get better data into Salesforce. Easier ways to input rich data brings better quality data which better insights and better decisions, all important for non-profits who are themselves struggling through the cost of living crisis
  2. Real efficiencies through automated notetaking, on video calls but also through audio notes. Saving time on those irritable admin tasks means that more time can be spent on the work that really counts

We had some great interactions from the community and there was a clear interest in taking steps towards adopting AI in Orgs. Alfred is an easy first step to take.

Supermums Demo Jam

Mid-October we joined four other companies - 360 SMS App, Gridmate, Hubbl Diagnostics and Validity on a Salesforce Demojam. hosted by our friends at Supermums.

What is a Demo Jam? It’s when companies are invited to demo their product in just three minutes to an audience that then votes for the winner!

Luckily Luca is an old hand at Demo Jams having won several awards for Alfred and Nativevideo over the years!

You have to talk quickly, concisely and clearly, and confidently demo the product’s key features in a clear, easy to understand way.

Image of three Demo Jam trophies

As Luca was demoing Alfred, he needed to run two concurrent meetings - one to demo Alfred (joined by a couple of team members) and one to talk live to the audience. Thankfully it all went off smoothly.

Congratulations to 360SMSApp for their win. We’ll be back at future demos ready to compete!

Maximizing user adoption with AI in Salesforce

And if that wasn’t enough, we also joined Salesforce Ben (and their new branding!) for a LinkedIn Live session on the topic of “Maximizing user adoption with AI in Salesforce”.

Animated gif showing a demo from the Maximizing User Adoption with AI in Salesforce LinkedIn live session

In the session we covered three smart and simple approaches to maximizing user adoption:

  • Training for the future
  • Automation 1.0
  • Automation 2.0: using AI to drive adoption

Find out more by watching the recording and you might also be interested in checking out our ebook where we cover the three approaches in more detail.

Renewing your data strategy

Anyone talking about AI will also be talking about data. As the era of AI is kicking off, companies also need a renewed data strategy to leverage the productivity opportunities that AI brings us.

Check out this one minute summary video from Lucl;a which highlights three recent articles that are well worth a read on this subject:

- A New Data Strategy to Support Gen AI (The Guardian, Oct2023)
- Scott Galloway, Unpacking the AI Burst and Current Market Conditions (NBForum, Oct. 2023)
- Conversation Intelligence is the Key to Unlocking Sales Productivity (Forrester, 2023)

Is call recording legal?

As we have more and more conversations about Alfred, there’s a strong sense of inevitably that meeting recording solutions like Alfred will be ubiquitous. It’s pretty commonplace today and few people seem to object to being recorded.

Most call attendees understand that the purpose of the recording is to do better business, be more productive or accountable and professional.

“Is it legal?” we sometimes get asked. The short answer is yes, for business purposes it is, though the handling and communication of the fact the call is being recorded does depend on geographic location, the reason for recording, security and other factors.

Naturally it is good practice (and frankly common courtesy) to inform attendees that a call is being recorded whether that’s actively verbally telling attendees, an automated audio message or passively through a visual on-screen message.

The great thing about Alfred is that as it is native in Salesforce your call recordings, transcripts, summaries and all other derived notes are treated like any other piece of data in your Org and follow GDPR compliant practices for the UK and Europe.

Using Alfred in recruitment

Nativevideo, has a one-way video interview solution that’s used by talent teams to manage interviewing within Salesforce. It’s popular in industries like Healthcare for example, where managers might be recruiting from overseas.

But now the addition of Alfred alongside TalentV enhances the recruitment process. Not only one-way video interviews, but now live online interviews, with recordings, transcripts and summaries provided against candidate records in Salesforce.

If you'd like to try out Alfred or any of the other Nativevideo solutions, look us up on the AppExchange.

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